Sunscreen/Indyoh Expo Film Market

By Sunscreen Film Festival (other events)

Fri, Apr 28 2017 10:00 AM EDT Sat, Apr 29 2017 7:00 PM EDT

Sell Your Movie at Sunscreen's Film Market

Sunscreen and Indyoh Inc join forces to launch the widely successful film market in conjunction with the Sunscreen Film Festival!

Filmmakers now have a chance to woo distributors and sales agents, just like at the major film markets around the world. Set up shop at one of 18 exclusive showroom tables, dazzle buyers and acquisitions representatives with your promotional material, show off your film or trailer and lock in a distribution with vetted agencies to get your film in front of people and a return on your investment in front of you.


FILM MARKET HALF TABLE: 1 DAY - $125.00 / 2 DAYS - $225

Includes 3" x 3" film market exhibition space plus Festival Day Pass for all films, panels, events and parties.

FILM MARKET FULL TABLE: 1 DAY - $200.00 /  2 DAYS - $350

Includes 3" x 6" film market exhibition space plus Festival Day Pass for all films, panels, events and parties.

FILM MARKET POP UP: 1 DAY - $50.00 / 2 DAYS - $85

Includes 3" x 3" film market standing area with high top table



I don't have a film at the festival. Can I stil be a part of the market?
YES! ANYBODY can present at the film market! 

What exactly I'm purchasing? 
Depending on which ticket you purchase, you'd be purchasing is a table space for the day. The tables are 3 feet by 6 feet and are lined around the show room for buyers to make their rounds easiest. For $125, you would be sharing a table with another filmmaker, with a divider between you. If you purchase the full table, you may opt to have it removed to design your space as you see fit. All table rentals include a full all-access day pass to the festival for that chosen day ($50 value).

Is Furniture provided?
Half-table rentals include 2 chairs. Full table rentals include 4 chairs. Pop-up rentals include a high-top table.

Am I able to pick which day my film is able to be at the booth?
Yes. You may purchase whichever day you wish. However, there are only 18 tables on the show room floor. Once they're gone, they're gone. So book fast before they're sold out!

How does the booth setup work? 
Your space is yours to put whatever you would like on your table. You will have access to power, so you can have a monitor or laptop of whatever you wish. Please bring headphones for listening, as the show room will be pretty active.

Am I allowed to set up posters? 
You may have banners and banners set up behind your table.

I have some more questions. Who do I ask?
Please submit all questions related to the market to [email protected]

Space is limited and on a first-book-first-serve basis, so don't wait, book today!

Mailing Address

944 4th St. North, Suite 600 St. Petersburg, FL 33701