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Muvico - Baywalk 20 and IMAXst petersburg, FL, United States

Misguided Encounters - Comedic Short Film Block 1

Friday, April 19, 2013, 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Muvico - Baywalk 20 and IMAX, 151 2nd Avenue North, st petersburg, FL 33701
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Comedy Short Film Block 1 of 2


Stuck - Mitch Glass

A young lady's misfortune in a parking lot makes a memorable night for a group of strangers.


Beyond Belief  - William Stribling

It will take more than magic to make this magician's troubles disappear.


Fine - Justin Heyl

The talented Heyl Brothers take you on a romantic journey of hope and love. The life of the happy and positive official Dickie (Corstiaan Smorenburg) suddenly changes when he meets a local traffic warden (Babette Holtmann) and falls in love. Unfortunately she is not that charmed, leaving Dickie desperate for her attention. Many lives are affected on Dickie's quest for love...but will he finally conquer her heart?


Sophie Hates Me - Trishul Thejasvi

She'd be such a dream... if she wasn't such a nightmare


Shoot for the Moon - Casandra  Macías Gago

On July 21st 1969 the whole world watched in astonishment via their TV sets how Man first walked on the Moon, but the reality is somewhat different. One week before, the shoot for the landing took place in a hangar in Area 51.


Irrational - Holly Pearson

Robin has a fear of mascots, which normally isn't a problem. But she was forced to tell her boyfriend, David, who now can't stop teasing her. Robin has tried to make him understand, but David continues to joke at her expense. In this mockumentary-style comedy, Robin attempts to get over her phobia once and for all by enrolling herself in an experimental therapy where she will be faced with her biggest fear.


Crushed - Paola Andrea Ariza Vargas

Following her slutty older sister's example, a persistent seven-year-old devises misguided plans to attract her teacher, failing miserably each time.

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